Meteorological stations

Our turnkey meteorological stations are customized to your specifications. All sensors are mounted to a telescopic mast. They provide an output signal (4 … 20 mA) for the building operating system.

An example from our modular system:

Telescopic mast 6 m long sensors for:

  • Wind-speed using a cup-anemometer,
  • Wind-direction using a vane,
  • Temperature in a plated sun-shield,
  • Humidity in a plated sun-shield,
  • Luminosity in several directions,
  • Rain-detector ( heated),
  • Output-Signals of the sensors ( 4 … 20 mA) for the building operating system.


Optionaly we offer sensors for global radiation, barometric pressure, rain-gauges, heated anemometers, wall mounting. Signals may be conditioned an stored on your demand