Velocity meter for surface water

MiniWater20 with MC20 display and control unit

The hand-held MiniWater®20 is a:

  • Turbine velocity meter for surface water
  • Hygrometer
  • Thermometer

The MiniWater®20 hand-held measuring instrument with the MC20 operating and display unit serves to measure the flow velocity of surface waters such as rivers, lakes, canals, etc.

Ergonomic user guidance and local data storage allow versatile application of the unit. The MC20 microcontroller is used as an operating and display unit which the MiniWater®20 measuring sensor recognises automatically when it is plugged in and converts the rotation frequency of the measuring turbine into the m/s unit of measure.

  • All MiniWater20 vane measuring sensors can be connected
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Very simple operation, handy keyboard
  • Easy to repair on site thanks to the snap-on head principle
  • All three channels can be displayed simultaneously
  • Accuracy: ±2.0 % v.E. ±3.0% rdg (for MiniWater20 Mini)
  • Storage on microSD card
  • IR interface for on-site report printer
  • Battery operation, mains operation possible

A typical set-up consists off:

  • Water-flow velocity meter MiniWater20
  • MiniController MC20 evaluation unit
  • Power supply unit incl. cable
  • Carrying case

You can choose among the following Water-flow sensors:

  • Micro (Ø 11 x 15 mm)
  • Mini (Ø 22 x 28 mm)
Technical data

MiniWater®20 measures the flow velocity of water. A measuring turbine with a rotation frequency depending on the water velocity is used as a sensor. This frequencey is converted into an analogue output that is displayed in m/s.

MiniController MC20
Measuring sensors Plastic sensor: MiniWater®20
Humidity and temperature sensor
Measuring units Flow: m/s, km/h
Humidity: % r.h.
Temperature: °C, °F
Display TFT-Dot-Matrix-Display
Measuring rate 2 measurements/s
Feed Lithium-Ion battery
Operating time per battery charge approx. 15 hours
Housing dimensions (hxwxd) 144 x 68 x 38 mm
Housing protection class IP 40
Weight approx. 218 g
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C
Humidity 0 to 90% r.h., non condensing
Plastic water sensor for surface water
  MiniWater20 Micro MiniWater20 Mini
Water-flow measuring range 0,04 … 5 m/s
0,05 – 10 m/s
0,02 … 5 m/s
0,03 – 10 m/s
Measuring accuracy of the water-flow velocity ±2,0 % v.E.
±3,5 % v.M.
±2,0 % v.E.
±3,0 % v.M.
Application temperature -30 to +70°C -30 to +70°C
Measuring accuracy ± 0,5°C ± 0,5°C
Application temperature -30 bis +70°C -30 bis +70°C
Head size ø 11×15 mm ø 22×28 mm
Sensor length 165 mm 175 mm
Cable length 5 m 5 m
Humidity and temperature sensor
Measuring range 0 ... 99.9% r.h.
Accuracy +1.8% r.h. at 10 – 90ww% r.h.
Reproducibility +0.1% r.h.
Temperatur-Measuring range -20 to 70°C
Accuracy ±0.3°C at 0 – 40°C
Reproducibility ±0.1°C
Media temperaturer -40 to +123.8°C
Shaft ø 15 mm
Cable length 1,8 m